I'm beast! this is my cage. here, you'll eventually find videos, stories, memes and blogposts, primarily centered around ALL my favorite kinks. mostly ballbusting, which i'd define as the act of deliberately kicking, punching or generally hurting someone's balls for consensual pleasure or punishment. IF any of that sounds fun to you, then you've come to the right place! for as long as i've been getting kicked where it hurts professionally, i've wanted to create a safe space like this for people to enjoy casual kink and fetish content. as a kinkster myself, i aim to express my feelings through various bb videos and projects. by exploring with amateurs and pro-dommes alike, i hope i can inspire others to safely enjoy and practice their own kinks as well. 

take a look around the cage and have a great time!

(Also, to any femme models, if kicking a dude in the balls repeatedly sounds like a great paid gig for you, inquire below!⇩)